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Shenzhen, the closest neighbor of Hong Kong, is the first special economic zone in China. 30 years development has transformed it from a small border town to a newly rising modernized city with international influence, presenting an epitome of China's Economic Development. Shenzhen is extremely open to accept people who want to make a fortune, from China and abroad.As a main city for communication between China and abroad, and largest foreign trade base in China, and even one of world's biggest trading centers of electronic products, Shenzhen is the only city with land, air, sea ports and has maximum ports in China. It is surely flourished by businessmen from every corner of the world. That's why BuySKU.com choose Shenzhen as the main storage center and transportation center. Attractions around Shenzhen are "Happy vally", "Overseas China Town", " Big Meisha beach", "Small Meisha Beach" and so on. As a migration city, it collects delicious food from every corner of China.

Xi'an, with the ancient names of " Chang'an" "Jingzhao", is one of the world's famous four ancient capitals. With longest capital time and maximum capital experiences, it is a representation of Chinese culture and is honored "Natural History Museum".

Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors amazes people with its large scale, martial scene, and high level of technology and art. It is a kind of Tomb sculpture. In ancient times, slaves were the accessories of their owner in life and sacrificial object when the owner died. Terracotta Warriors are sacrificial object made in the shape of Chariot, battle steed and soldiers. As the first king uniting China, Qin Shihuang wanted to continue the ownership of powerful troops in another world and made Terracotta Warriors. Terracotta warriors pit is an accessory tomb of Qin tomb for containing Terracotta Warriors. Terracotta Warriors museum is 1.5 kilometers away from the east of Qin Tomb.
Terracotta Warriors is one of the greatest discoveries in world's archaeology.After visiting, Former French President Jacques chirac said:"Terracotta Warriors can be the eighth wonder of the world.If you didn't visit Terracotta Warriors, you dare not say you have been to China

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
Giant Wild Goose Pagoda is in Jion Temple which is 4 kilometers away from Xi'an City and was built in year 652. It is said that it was designed and supervised by Xuanzang for consecrating Sanskrit classics and Buddhist relics when he came back from India.

Ancient City Wall
Xi'an ancient city wall is in the center of Xi'an. It has four city gates with Changle Gate on the east, Anding Gate on the west, Yongding Gate on the South and Anyuan Gate on the north, each gate, all of which are constituted with embrasured watchtower and gate tower. Built between 1374-1378, The existing city wall in Xi'an is the most ancient and complete one in China.
People there mainly eat wheaten food. Xi'an is famous for dumplings, cold noodle, shredded cakes in mutton and beef soup, cured mutton,Chinese hamburger, Guo Kui, Meatball hu hot soup, Glazed date steamer cake and so on.

The First Day
Take the train from Xi’an to Lhasa. Along the way you can enjoy beautiful plateau scenery, and see the magnificent Kunlun Mountains and some wild animals on Hoh Xil Mountain like Tibetan Antelope. Next the train will take you to pass through the world’s highest railway line on the mouth of Tonglha Mountain with an elevation of 5072m. After that, a picture of highland pastures comes in your view, and you can see Cuona Lake which is so clear just like a jade. Then, the train will march forward to the Samdain Kangsang Snow Mountain, and wander on the Nyenchen Tonglha Mountains, as if you are taken into a fairy land.

The Second Day
When you arrive at Lhasa Railway Station on the second day, the locals will present you a piece of silk as a greeting gift. Then you will drive to Lhasa city. Upon arrival, you had better take a proper rest to adapt to the local climate and environment. If no discomfort, you can go out and experience the night scene of Lhasa in the evening. Lhasa is a city whose elevation is 3650m and whose oxygen content is only 65% of other areas, so the majority of people there might have altitude stress in different degrees.

The Third Day
You will reach the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple. In the morning, you will visit the Potala Palace where Bodhisattva lives. It is also the rule center of politics and religion in old Tibet. It consists of Red Palace and White Palace. The Red Palace is the Stupa Hall of Dalai in all dynasties and consists of various Buddhist temples, while the White Palace is the chief residence of Dalai Lama and also the local administrative office of the old Tibet. Then this afternoon you can visit Jokhang Temple which is the oldest temple in Tibet.

The Fourth & Fifth Day
You will leave Lhasa to Nyingchi, and can visit Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon and Basongtso Lake along the way.

The Sixth & Seventh Day
You will arrive at Shigatse from Nyingshi and can enjoy the Mount Everest.

The Eighth & Ninth Day
You will return to Lhasa on the eighth day and fly to Chengdu on the ninth day.

Chengdu is called as “Brocade City” or “Hibiscus City”, and “Hibiscus” and “Brocade” for short. Besides, it is also named as “Little City” and well known as “Country of Heaven”. Chengdu has a long history of over 2300 years, and it had become a highly developed urban settlement over 3200 years ago according to the archeological sites. Since ancient times, it is one of the top ten cities and the most famous tourism cities in China. Chengdu is famous for Sichuan Embroidery, Sichuan Brocade and Sichuan Opera. It is worthy of the name of “City of Gastronomy” for the best-known Sichuan Cuisine. There people live a leisurely life, and teahouses and mahjong parlors are widespread everywhere. Therefore, it is the most happiness city in China which you don’t want to leave when you’ve ever came. You will stay there for two days, as the terminal station of this activity, to well enjoy the food and culture of “Country of Heaven”. For example, you will be guided to visit the Kam Street, Marquis Temple, Wenshu Temple, etc.

Finally back to Shenzhen to successfully end our 15-day-long Jouney of Noah's Ark by holding an ending ceremony.
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