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How to earn money by uploading pictures on

As you can see, some of the products don’t have enough pictures. Thus we really hope you could enrich the pictures to help fellow customers to learn more about the products’ appearance.
Uploading a picture successfully, we would reward you with 20-100 points (0.02-0.1) USD. supports the pictures less than 4MB (recommended image size: 600*6000) with the formats of JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG. You will probably get more cash rewards when providing images with higher quality. A good image must be clear and colorful for good visual effects.
It is quite simple actually. First, please click the picture of the product you choose to come to the page of its detailed introduction. You will see “share your images/videos” at the right side of the picture. Then, click the “images” to reach the page for uploading pictures. After that, login your account or create a new account to upload pictures by following the tips.