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Why our price is so persuasive?

Our price advantage comes from our location and operation philosophy.

First of all, the sourcing base of is located in Shenzhen, China, where more than 70% computer accessories are produced. That enables us to get the large range of electronic products conveniently. Shenzhen is the only city that has land, sea and air ports. Also, as the closest neighbor of Hong Kong, Shenzhen takes full advantage of its developed international logistics. No other city has these two great advantages.

Furthermore, for the prompt delivery, all storehouses are set within the distance of 5 minutes’ drive from the sourcing bases and logistics companies. No slow-selling goods will be stored. That’s what enables us to apply the concept of “products never linger”. This will lower the cost as well.

What’s more, holding the concept of “veracity, small profits and quick returns, customer first”, generously surrenders profits to customers as we always do.

We heartily hope you will find our price advantage and establish long-term cooperative relations with us.