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What should you do if you don't receive package?

Generally, if you choose register mail with tracking number, you can receive your package within 10-45 working days after shipment.


If you choose express mail, you can receive it within 4-20 working days after shipment. if to Russia, maybe it will cost 25-40 working days.


During this period, customers can track your package with tracking number via this powerful system for tracking postal registered mail website:  


If you choose register mail without tracking number, you can receive your package within 20-45 working days after shipment. Your patience to the package is highly appreciated. 

If your package has left China, you can also track your package at your local post website through one of the following links: Australia  Brazil  Canada  Denmark Finland  France(Parcel)  France(EMS)  Germany   India Japan  New Zealand  Russian(Parcel)   Russian(EMS)Spain  Israel  Sweden  Switzerland  Ukraine   Arab   United Kingdom  United states

if still can't receive package within 45 working days after shipment, we will resend or refund as your requirement.  Any questions, please contact us.